Identity Verification through A Requirement for Further Action on Your Unemployment Insurance Benefits Claim(s)

The forms on this page provide a way in which you can report information to the Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) that is necessary as we administer the Unemployment Insurance program.

The forms will ask you to provide detailed information that the VEC will need in order to take action on a claim for benefits.

Please complete an entry for each situation or individual.

  • I recently attempted to recall an employee from a layoff/furlough and that person has refused this offer of work.
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  • I have received funds from the Small Business Administration under the Payroll Protection Plan (PPP) and I am paying my employee his or her wages or I am paying wages from another source.
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  • I recently hired or rehired an individual and would like to report this action to the VEC.
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Question: Will the information I provide prevent a person from receiving unemployment insurance benefits?

Answer: When somebody is hired (rehired), receives pay or if they refuse a job their benefits may be affected. The VEC may need to contact you for additional information in order to ensure the proper steps are taken in reviewing issues associated with the unemployment insurance program.