Tax Filing / Registration

Free Online Filing Services: Business iFile/iReg and Web Upload and VEC 21/20:

VEC offers several ways to file your Unemployment Insurance Tax Reports and pay your Unemployment Insurance Taxes.

  • iFile and iReg;
  • WebUpload;
  • Employer Quarterly Payroll and Tax Report VEC FC 21/20 paper form;

Online Services

Business iFile and Web Upload are free online filing services, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, you no longer complete and file the paper report/schedule. You can securely file and pay the Employer FC-20 Tax Report and the Employer FC-21 Payroll Report online. You also have the ability to schedule (or warehouse) payments for submission on a future date (up to the due date of the report).

  • Business iFile gives your company the capability to key This image takes you the to iFile/iReg application at VA Taxpayroll reports online. Generally small employers are better served using Business iFile.
    Business iFile Information

  • Web Upload gives your company the ability to save all This image takes you the to WebUpload application at VA Taxreport and payment information into a single file to upload to the VEC. Similar types of systems may be referred to as "bulk filing" or "bulk uploading".
    Web Upload Information

Review the information below to determine which system best fits your filing needs:

Business iFile - VEC

Web Upload - VEC

VEC FC 21/20

Register Business;
File and Pay taxes online (under 100 Employees)

File and Pay taxes online (Over 100 employees)Print and mail your documentation to the VEC

File quickly for only one company

File on behalf of one or multiple companies

File for only one company

Required fields are manually entered into the system

Modify your Web Upload layout to match your file and system layout

Required fields are manually entered into the paper form VEC FC 21/20 and check is mailed to the VEC

Type report and payment information for each period

Create or use an existing file to submit report and payment information together without having to re-enter each filing period

Type report and payment information for each period

Store information for more than one bank account. Either checking or savings* can be used. (*Confirm with your banking institution that your bank allows ACH Debit transactions from your savings account)

Designate one bank account for all payments in a file or designate a different bank account for each payment in a file. These must be checking accounts.



Offline Resources

If you want to print and mail a copy of the VEC-FC-21/20, you can do so with a PDF below.

Register a business:


Online Employer Tax Filing/Registration - iFile/iReg:This image takes you the to iFile/iReg application at VA Tax

  • Register a new business Online
  • Update Your Business Profile
  • Enter FC 21 Payroll reports online and FC20 Tax Reports

By Mail:

Download the VEC FC-27 This file is in PDF format. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 in order to view this file. (Report to Determine Liability for State Unemployment Tax) and instruction page. (Right click on link, go down to "Save Target As" and save it to your computer). There are several questions on the form regarding the qualifications of General Employers, Agricultural Employers, Domestic Employers, Nonprofit Employers, acquiring an existing business or if you are already subject to the Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA). Do not mail the form to the VEC until you meet one of the requirements noted in questions 7a through 10 on form FC-27. The VEC will assign an account number only if you meet one of the criteria and mark your response as "yes".

Mail your completed VEC FC-27 form
Virginia Employment Commission 
Employer Accounts - Room 108 
P.O. Box 26441
Richmond, VA 23261-6441

When your application is entered in our database we will send you a "new employer" packet with any tax reports that need to be filed along with additional information about our reporting requirements. Penalties on new accounts are assessed only if required reports are filed after the due date of the reported quarter. Future tax reports will be mailed to you on a quarterly basis. You should receive them at the end of the last month of each calendar quarter.

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