Super Tuesday "Hybrid" Hiring Event

You are invited to participate in our 2023 Super Tuesday Hybrid Hiring Events, scheduled for the second Tuesday of each month.  These hybrid events consist of two components.   The In-person component will run from 9am-12pm, every second Tuesday of the month.  The Virtual component will run from 10am-12pm, every second Tuesday of each month.  Employers and Job seekers are invited to participate in either or both components, just follow the registration instructions below.  

The In-Person Component will start at 9AM.  There are only 10 slots available for this event and slots will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis.  Location of the in-person event is the Hampton VEC Office, 600 Butler Farm Road, Hampton VA.  For job seeker registration, simply show up at the location between 9am-12noon.  For employer registration, just let the POC know that you want to participate and provide a copy of a flyer that advertises the positions you are recruiting for.  Flyer will be used to help draw potential candidates.  Set up for this event is a little different from what you might be used to.  Here is a quick rundown of requirements and expectations:
To participate, you must be registered in the Virginia Workforce Connection Jobsite at, with jobs posted for positions you are recruiting for. 

Mask wearing is optional.  Reliable internet service is now available.  

  1. Event starts at 9am and we request that you be in-place and ready to go by 8:55am.  
  2. When you check in, you will be assigned to an office cubicle.  Cubicle has limited space but there is enough room for two recruiters if you decide to bring an additional person. 
  3. Due to the limited space, large banners and tablecloths are optional.
  4. You are encouraged to bring handouts and flyers to advertise your company and open positions. 
  5. Seating is arranged for one-on-one interaction with job seekers.
  6. As job seekers arrive, they will sign-in to speak with each company they are interested in and will then take a seat in the lobby and wait to be called.
  7. The sign-in sheet has a column for job seekers to identify themselves as a veteran.  If the column is checked, please call them ahead of previously signed in candidates.  This is a "Priority of Service" that we provide to all eligible veteran and military spouse job seekers.
  8. You will periodically check your company sign-in sheet for candidates and escort them back to your cubicle one by one. Staff will also monitor the sign-in sheets and will notify you if someone signed in.  
  9. After you complete your interaction with a candidate, escort them back to the front office, check them off your list, and call the next candidate.
  10. Event ends at 12pm but will remain open until you've had the opportunity to speak with all job seekers that are interested in your position/s.

The Virtual Component will go live one day prior to the event date (on Mondays), at 10am, giving job seekers 24 hours to preview jobs of interest and upload their resumes. The absolute deadline to register and post jobs for the virtual events is the Monday prior to the event at 9am.  We encourage you to register and post your jobs on the event site as soon as possible so we can create and circulate a flyer prior to the event that identifies participating businesses. 

If this is your first time using the Premier Virtual Platform, please view the training videos before registering (video links are found on the registration page).  Other training videos are also available under the "Training" button located on the left-side menu bar once you sign into your account. 

Employers, click on this link to access the registration page for our Oct 10th event:

Next, click the "Register for Event" button...on the next page, click the "Register as Organization" button (if this is your first time participating in our virtual events), and complete all sections of the registration process and "SAVE".  Log back in using the registration link to participate in the event.  If you already have an account established, click the "Sign In" button instead of the "register as organization" button, and use your established username and password to sign in and register.

The Resource Agencies category is for resource agencies that provide services to assist job seekers with their education, training, and other services to help ensure job readiness.  This section is not for employers recruiting for candidates.


Job seekers, click on this link to access the registration page for ther Oct 10th event:

4-10 employers participate in the in-person component, and 12-20 employers participate in the virtual component.  See event flyer for names of all participating employers.

100's of employment opportunities are made available to you during each event. Use the bar code below for quick registration:

QR Code

Recurring Event Details: 
Second Tuesday of each month, 9am - 12pm

In-Person Component:
VEC Office
600 Butler Farm Road, Suite B
Hampton VA 23666

Type of Event: 
VEC Sponsored Job Fair
Target Area: 
Hampton Roads