Employers Unemployment Insurance Online Mass Claims Filing



The VEC Online Mass Claims Filing System has been designed to offer employers the ability to file claims and payments for unemployment compensation on behalf of their employees that may experience either a permanent of temporary layoff. The system has been developed to allow employers to either upload a file for processing or manually enter information required for individual claim processing.


  • This system is for EMPLOYER USE ONLY
  • You must first contact your nearest VEC Local Office for guidance before accessing the system to ensure the completeness and accuracy of the data you will be entering
  • You must have a valid and active Virginia Employment Commission Employer Account Number
  • The file you submit must be for 25 or more employees
  • If the payment option is selected, the claim and payment file cannot be submitted until the week being claimed has passed. Only one week may be claimed and paid and it must follow the claim effective date

There are a number of advantages associated with the use of this web-based system that directly affect employers, claimants, and the Virginia Employment Commission:


  • No separation reports to complete for workers fling a claim
  • No disruption of plant operations due to on-site mass claim filing
  • No completion of partial unemployment forms if option to submit payments is exercised
  • Simple, easy to follow instructions to navigate through the mass claim filing system


  • More efficient use of VEC staff resources
  • Elimination of initial claim form preparation
  • Significant cost savings to the VEC
  • No waiting in line to file by phone or on the Internet
  • More timely and accurate payments to claimants
  • Makes the unemployment experience less stressful for claimants

Secure System

All security features are inherited from current applications developed for public users (initial claim, job service, …etc). These include, but are not limited to,

  • Application is accessed via encrypted channel and is password protected.
  • If a user attempts 3 consecutive invalid logins (invalid account, bad password), their account will be locked until VEC staff can verify and unlock it. If the account does not exist, the offending IP address will be restricted from accessing the Mass Claims system for 15 minutes
  • Each Mass Claims employer-client (VEC 'business user') may only register once (based on the SSN for public account or FEIN for employer account).
  • A security question, DOB and name are used for login/password recovery. The login or new password will be emailed or mailed to user depending on whether user has an email address or not.
  • The Password is stored encrypted in our database and cannot be retrieved in plain text. Password must be changed on first use.

In order to access the Online Mass Claims Submission System, a company must first request an online user ID and password from the Virginia Employment Commission. Once this access has been established, you may sign into the system. Please see the link below for complete instructions or contact the nearest VEC Local Office for more information regarding this service.

The production link for employers to access online services (mass claims) will be:

Online documentation and instructions may be accessed at the following link:

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