Important Information Regarding Work Search Requirements

In March 2020, the requirement that unemployed individuals make an active search for work as required by the Virginia Unemployment Compensation Act was temporarily waived.  Now that the economy is beginning to make some recovery and more and more Virginia employers are resuming business and reopening, the suspension of the active work search requirement is being lifted.  The Virginia Employment Commission wants to help you get back to work through our awesome Virginia Workforce Connection services located at

Beginning with the week of May 30 through June 5, 2021, individuals wishing to request a weekly claim for payment of unemployment benefits will be required to make an active search for work and report those contacts when filing their weekly-continued claim for benefits in order to receive payment.  In addition, they will be required to be able to work, available for work, actively seeking and unable to obtain suitable work and be willing to accept any offer of suitable work without attaching any undue restrictions not usual and customary for the type work they are seeking.  The U.S. Department of Labor defines “able” as an individual who is physically and mentally able to perform work and “available” as ready and willing to accept suitable work.  Virginia claimants, who do not meet both of these requirements, are not eligible for benefits and must report their correct status to the VEC each week.  Failure to search for work or be able and available for work will result in a denial of benefits for the week in which the failure occurred.

If you are in an approved training program and receiving benefits, you will continue to complete your bi-weekly training certifications and submit those to the Commission.

Please refer to Your Unemployment Benefit Rights and Responsibilities for additional details concerning work search and able and available requirements.

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