Important Information Concerning Your 1099-G

If you received a 1099-G from the Virginia Employment Commission for the tax year 2021 and want to request a corrected form 1099-G be sent to you and the IRS you will need to submit your request in writing to the address listed below.  Please provide one of the following reasons you are requesting the correction:

  • I filed an unemployment compensation claim in 2021 but did not receive any payments.
  • I filed an unemployment compensation claim in 2021, but the amount I received is different from the amount shown. My records show that I received $______________.
  • The social security number listed on the form 1099-G does not match mine.
  • The amount of taxes withheld as shown on the form 1099-G does not match my records. My records show that the total amount of taxes withheld was $_______________.
  • I did not file an unemployment compensation claim in calendar year 2021 or I am a victim of identity theft.

NoteClick here to complete the Fraud/Theft/Overpayment Form

Virginia Employment Commission
Benefit Payment Charge Unit
P O Box 27887
Richmond, Virginia 23261-7887

Note:  Your written request should include your name (printed and signed), your mailing address, your social security number and claimant ID # as shown on the documentation we mailed you related to your claim for unemployment compensation.  This information is necessary in order to research your inquiry and take appropriate action.