File Your Appeal

Virginia Internet Appeals is the Virginia Employment Commission's online site for employers and claimants to file an appeal.

If you have received a decision about your benefits from us, you will be able to file an appeal from that decision. An appeal is a process where someone at the VEC reviews the decision you received and then decides whether it is correct. You must file an appeal in order to get this review. If you do not file a timely appeal, the decision you have will control your right to benefits.

Please look at your decision carefully before you go any further. You will need to know whether your decision was issued by a Deputy or by an Appeals Examiner. This site cannot be used to file an appeal to circuit court. Follow the instructions as you go through this site.

There are three pages for filing an appeal. Make sure you review each one as follows:

  1. Click on the appropriate link below and complete page one.
  2. Review your information on page two. If you need to change anything click "previous page" at the bottom and make the changes you desire. Once you have reviewed and made any changes to your information click "submit" at the bottom of page two. IF YOU DON'T CLICK SUBMIT YOUR APPEAL HAS NOT BEEN FILED.
  3. Once you submit your appeal page three will appear to confirm the appeal was filed. Print a copy of this page and keep it for your records. If the confirmation page does not appear then your appeal was not filed.

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