"Ok, I'm unemployed, NOW what?!?!" - Your guide on what to expect.

Online Claims
  • Virginia's Online Claims
    • File a new claim for unemployment benefits
    • Reopen an existing claim after a break has occurred in your weekly request for payments.
    • File a partial Claim
    • File your Continued / Weekly claim for benefits.
    • Electronic Payment Method - Debit Card/Direct Deposit
    • Download a 1099-G
Unemployment Insurance and You:
Frequently Asked Questions
You Tube Video explaining your UI Benefits

Anyone who has questions about Virginia Labor and Employment laws can submit them to: laborlaw@doli.virginia.gov. You will receive a response in 24 hours or less!

Job Fairs
Spring Career Fair - March 30, 2015
Aramark Job Fair - March 30, 2015
Rouge River Farms Job Fair - March 31, 2015

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