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Conversations will focus on addressing the Commonwealth’s workforce, business, and education needs.
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Individuals that have relocated to Virginia from Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands following Hurricanes Irma and Maria can possibly have access to a 26 week extension of Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) benefits.
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All Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) letters and requests for Rapid Response assistance should be directed to Brett Tavel, Rapid Response State Coordinator, by FAX at (804) 819-1699 or by email at btavel@vccs.edu.
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The U.S. Census Bureau is currently seeking Partnership Specialists throughout the state.
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The Virginia Snapshot is a quick reference guide to Virginia’s employment and employment growth, average weekly wages, unemployment rates, and Unemployment Insurance data. The Snapshot is updated monthly.

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The VEC's Virginia Workforce Connection (VAWC) is your online source to connect with potential employers, search for jobs, find training opportunities, and research wage data along with industry and occupational trends.

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Employee or Independent Contractor?

Sometimes an employer will classify workers as contractors instead of employees. In these cases, contract workers are responsible for paying their own payroll taxes, including federal and state income taxes and both the employer and employee portion of Social Security taxes. In most cases, contractors are responsible for providing their own Workers Compensation Insurance and are not eligible for Unemployment Insurance if their services are no longer needed.

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Unemployment Insurance Benefits

File your initial or continued claim online:

You may also file by telephone:

  • For initial claims, call between 8:15am and 4:30pm, Monday - Friday (closed state holidays): 1-866-832-2363
  • For continuing claims, call: 1-800-897-5630

To view a comprehensive list of everything you need to get started with your application including special forms and telephone numbers for the hearing impaired, please visit our Claimant Resources page.


Diverse Workers

Projected to 2024
Virginia Job Outlook

Overall, employment in Virginia is projected to grow 9.3 percent by 2024 exceeding the national growth rate of 6.5 percent.

Which jobs are expected to grow or decline in Virginia?
The Job Outlook brochure lists a sampling of high-growth occupations by educational attainment and annual wages projected to 2024 as well as occupations that are projected to decline.

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Forecasted Employment and Wages by State and Local Workforce Development Area