Reemployment Assistance

In order to comply with federal law, the VEC will review your claim for benefits to determine if you may need special reemployment assistance to make a successful transition to new employment.  If you meet the federally mandated criteria, you will be referred to reemployment services, such as job search assistance.  If you are referred, you will be required to attend as a condition of eligibility to receive weekly benefits.  If you either refuse to attend or do not attend without justifiable cause, you may be denied unemployment benefits.

Q: What types of reemployment services are offered?

A: Reemployment services may include the following: an orientation session advising you of the availability and benefit of reemployment services; an individual assessment of your needs with which an individually tailored reemployment services plan can be developed; and job search assistance such as counseling, testing, occupational and labor market information, job search workshops, job clubs, referrals to employers, and other similar services.

Q: What if I am referred for reemployment services and do not attend?

A: When you are notified that you have been selected for reemployment services, the letter will include a statement that failure to participate in such services may result in the denial of benefits.  If you do not participate, a Deputy’s determination will be issued and you will be ineligible to receive unemployment benefits if you do not have justifiable cause, have not completed such services recently, or you are not attending similar services.