Job Seeker Services

Virginia Workforce Connection or

The Virginia Workforce Connection (VWC) is an Internet-based job search site listing statewide job opportunities. VWC provides seven different methods to search the database:

  1. Quick Job Search
  2. Advance Job Search
  3. Job Search by Employer
  4. Job Search by Education
  5. Job Search by Skills
  6. Job Search by Resume Criteria
  7. Job Number Search

Employers and VEC staff can enter job orders into the VWC system providing specific job skills and requirements.   Job seekers can then search these job listings online.   Supported by the Department of Labor, the Virginia Workforce Connection is a product of the state’s employment services agencies and is provided as free service to the public.  The VWC system is available in local Virginia Employment Commission Workforce Centers or through any Internet access point at or

Computers are available in each VEC Workforce Center location for your convenience.  Information or other job related services is also available.

Some facts about your job services registration with the Virginia Workforce Connection (VWC):

Your job services registration should include:

  • Education and training
  • Employment history
  • Skills and abilities
  • Desired occupations
  • A complete resume

You may be contacted by email, phone or through the VWC message center about job openings. Failure to respond to a job referral may affect your claim status if you are receiving unemployment benefits.

Military veterans may talk with a veteran’s employment representative, on a first-come, first- served basis.

Additional job search workshops may be available.

Additional Resources To Help in Your Job Search:

  • Virginia Jobs – A listing of Virginia state government jobs are available online at:
  • Social Services –VEC staff can make referrals to other assistance agencies such as the Department of Social Services, Veterans’ services, etc.
  • Read – Check out the job listing sections of local, regional, and national newspapers.
  • Network – Talk with family and friends about your job search.

In addition, the VEC provides the following services to job seekers at most of its offices:

Veterans’ Services

All resources of the VEC are available to assist veterans, military spouses, and Transitioning Service Members in job placement/referral, vocational counseling, and case management. Additionally, if veterans, military spouses and Transitioning Service Members meet eligibility requirements, the VEC has Disabled Veterans Outreach Program (DVOP) staff and Local Veterans Employment Representatives (LVER) assigned to most of our offices located throughout the state. Additional veterans’ information and assistance is available on line at: or by contacting

Rural Services

This program is responsible for processing temporary and seasonal agricultural (H-2A) job orders, prevailing wage and practice determinations for agricultural employment, and for providing assistance to Farm Labor Contractors and their employees in the registration process.  For more information, contact the State Rural Services Manager at 804-786-8714.

Farm Workers

This program serves migrant and seasonal farm workers who are seeking work.  Trained and experienced Farm Placement Specialists provide statewide coverage and are located in the VEC Workforce Centers in Bristol, Charlottesville, Danville, Eastern Shore, Tri-Cities, Roanoke, South Hill, Warsaw, and Winchester.

Monitor Advocate

Any complaints relating to the provision of job seeker services may be lodged at any VEC Workforce Center or with the State Monitor Advocate, at (804) 786-6094.