Instructions for Partial Claimants

A partially unemployed person is one who, during a calendar week, was employed by a regular employer and had earnings that were less than his weekly benefit amount and who worked less than his normal customary full-time hours because of a lack of full-time work.  A person who does not work, but is paid holiday or “show up” pay in a week, is not considered a partially unemployed person.  Each person who files for partial benefits must be aware of the following:

  1. Your employer will be sent a notice that you have applied for partial benefits and your weekly benefit amount.  During any week you earn less than your weekly benefit amount because of a lack of work, your employer is required to give you a Statement of Partial Unemployment, Form VEC-B-31, stating your wages for the week.  In order to obtain your partial benefits, you must complete your portion of the form, sign it, and return it to the VEC address contained on the form within 14 days from the date the employer gives it to you.
  2. Failure to forward each Statement of Partial Unemployment to the VEC address contained therein may result in a loss of benefits for the week(s) shown on the statement.
  3. It is your responsibility to obtain the Statement of Partial Unemployment from your employer.  If you are partially unemployed during the week and the employer does not give you a Statement of Partial Unemployment, you must contact the VEC by Friday of that week.
  4. You must work all available hours. You must not miss work in order to report on your claim.  If you do not work the hours offered to you, you may be held ineligible to receive benefits for that week.
  5. If your employer does not have work for you during the week, you must file a Total Claim for benefits during the week you have no work and make an active search for work and report your employer contacts to the VEC.
  6. You must report all earnings from your regular employer and from any other employers for whom you worked during each week claimed.
  7. You must report any offers of employment.
  8. Depending on your situation, you may not be required to seek other employment.  The VEC representative will advise you of the requirements.