Extended Benefits (EB)

Important Update: The Virginia Employment Commission has been informed by the U. S. Department of Labor that payment of extended benefits (EB) will no longer be authorized after the claim for week ending Saturday, November 21, 2020. You may have a balance of EB weeks remaining on your monetary determination, but no EB benefits can be paid after the week ending November 21, 2020.

The Commonwealth of Virginia has triggered on to the state’s Extended Benefits (EB) Program, which may entitle you to up to 50% of the total amount you received on your claim for regular unemployment benefits (UI).  The EB program became effective on Sunday, May 31, 2020.

In order to receive benefits, you may file an EB claim application using the link shown below.  If you fail to file by August 26, 2020, you may lose your effective date established by the Virginia Employment Commission (VEC).  When your claim is processed, you will receive a monetary determination containing your EB benefit amount, benefit rights, and weekly filing instructions.

The EB program covers individuals who:

  • Have exhausted all rights to regular UI and PEUC under state or federal law;
  • Have no rights to regular UI under any other state or federal law;
  • Are not receiving compensation under the UI laws of Canada; and
  • Are able to work and available for work.

If you are still unemployed and wish to file a claim application for the EB program, you can do so beginning August 12, 2020 by going to Gov2Go online or on your mobile device, creating an account, and completing the application.

Apply Online Now at Gov2Go - Click Here

or download the app:
download Apple Store app   download app from Google Play

The Virginia Employment Commission requests that you file your application for EB on line using the link above. You may also file your EB claim by dialing 1-866-832-2363 but please be aware there may be heavy call volume and you may experience a long wait time using this method.
There are some facts surrounding the EB program that you need to know.

  • The weekly benefit amount of EB will be the same as what you received under the regular/traditional unemployment Insurance (UI) program.
  • The first payable week under EB is the week beginning May 31, 2020 and ending June 6, 2020.
  • The federal pandemic unemployment compensation (FPUC) program will automatically add an additional $600 to the weekly benefit amount under the EB claim through the week ending July 25, 2020.

Please Note: You can complete the application for EB now.

Payment of your EB benefits cannot take place until your application is processed. The application allows the VEC to determine the amount of additional benefits you may be eligible to receive and to ensure there are no issues that would prevent payment.