Instructions to Partial Claimants VEC-B-19

Your employer will be notified by mail of your partial claim for benefits, your claim effective date, and your weekly benefit amount.

Notification to your employer will include instructions for access and completion of Form VEC-B-31, “Statement of Partial Unemployment”. For any calendar week following the effective date of your claim in which you earn less than your weekly benefit amount, your employer is required to furnish you with Form VEC-B-31, “Statement of Partial Unemployment” as follows:

The First Statement: Within 7 Days from receipt of Virginia Employment Commission “Notification of Claim(s) Filed”, for calendar weeks which have ended since the effective date of your claim.

Subsequent Statements: Within 14 days after each pay period for calendar weeks in which your partial claim continues. Your employer is not required to issue statements when you have returned to normal hours of work or for weeks of “zero” earnings.

Your Employer is responsible for the following entries on the statement:

  • Your gross earnings (before withholding and other deductions) for the week(s).
  • The gross amount of any holiday pay, vacation pay, or any other type payment made during the week(s) being reported and the specific day(s) the pay is allocated to.
  • The specific day(s) of the week that you did not work when work was available for you.
  • Employer authorized signature and date to worker.

You are responsible for the following entries on the statement:

  • Verify that the employer entries are correct.
  • In the “Other Employment and Wages” section of the form, enter gross wages from other paid work during the week(s) being claimed and the name and address of the “Other” employer. If this work ends you are required to file a claim. The VEC will verify all separations from employment.
  • Signing, dating, and mailing the form within 14 days from the “date to worker” entered by the employer. The form should be mailed to:

    Virginia Employment Commission
    Benefit Payment Charge Unit
    P. O. Box 2249
    Richmond, Virginia 23218-2249
  • File a total claim by Friday of the week in which your employer had no work for you.*
    1. You must conduct an active search for work during this week by contacting several employers in an effort to find employment. These contacts must be made by midnight on Saturday of each week. Your week can be filed online at or by calling 1-800-897-5630.
    2. You must register with employment services at
    3. If there is a week without work and you fail to contact the VEC as instructed and you wish to claim the week, you will be required to show good cause for not reporting as instructed. If benefits are denied, you will be advised in writing and you may file an appeal of this determination.
  • If you stopped filing weekly Partial Claims because you returned to your normal and customary hours of work and your hours are again reduced, you must file an additional partial claim.*

*A total or partial claim can be filed online at or by calling 1-866-832-2363.

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VEC-B-19 (Revised 9/16/2016)