***Attention Federal Employees Who Have Been Furloughed Effective December 22, 2018***

December 24, 2018

If you are an employee of the Federal Government who has been separated from your job due to the Federal Government Shutdown please read this Question and Answer sheet for additional information and instructions regarding filing a claim for unemployment compensation benefits in Virginia.  After reading this informational sheet, if you determine that your official Duty Station was located in Virginia, you should file your claim on line at www.vec.virginia.gov and mail in your proof of earnings as requested in the application.  This will provide the fastest way to have your claim processed.

If you have determined that your official Duty Station was located in one of our neighboring states, these are the links for information about filing in those states:  contact the State of Maryland at www.mdunemployment.com ;   Washington, DC at www.DCNetworks.org;  North Carolina at www.north-carolina-unemployment.org;   West Virginia at www.UC.workforceWV.org;  Tennessee at www.TN.gov;  Kentucky at www.KEWES.KY.gov.  If your employment was with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) you must file your claim in Washington, DC.

If you do not have access to online services and have been separated from your job as a result of the shutdown, you should file your claim for unemployment through our Customer Contact Centers at 866-832-2363.